Ashkelon Desalinization Power Plant
Location:Ashkelon Desalinization Plant
Client:General Electric Co., USA
SOW:Mechanical installation of two units of LM2500 Gas Turbine including auxiliary and piping systems

Refinery Desalination Facilities
Location:Haifa, Israel
Client:Oil Refineries Ltd. (ORL), Haifa, Israel
SOW:Steel structure fabrication and installation; Special large size vessels

Via Maris Desalinization plant
Location: Palmachim site, Israel
Client: Palmachim site Israel
SOW:Design, fabrication and installation of equipment, piping works  and mechanical works.

Sugat Sugar desalinization  Plant
Location: Israel
Client: ED & F Man Holding Limited U.K
SOW: Fabrication & Erection of 2,470 tons of steel structure, 400tons of Equipment  & ACC & Conveyors Systems