ISAKHOURY had enough experience and specialist team to engage in semiconductor industry. ISAKHOURY successfully has designed, fabricated and installed more than 5,700 tons of steel structure, pipe works and mechanical works such as cooling tower at the Intel Fab 28. It includes installation of pipe rack, clean room supporting structure, process room structure, etc.

Our state of the art equipment and mobilization team allows us executed the semiconductors works on time without delay. In addition, we had forklifts, mobile offices, storage cabins to be located at the construction sites, 5 mobile cranes of 20, 40, up to 90 tons capacity.

Our company truly understands the full requirement of this work especially in high safety issue. At the end of the project we received a safety award for its unprecedented safety commitment throughout these projects

ISAKHOURY works with clients to expand Semiconductors industry which basically serves as the basic building materials used to construct some very important electronic components and to upgrade utility communications networks without interruption, working together across the enterprise to act as one complete ecosystem.