Desalinization Plant

With many years of experience in desalinating facilities, ISAKHOURY understands the special design and requirements of desalinization plant. Our expertise ranges from design, construction and project management installing and pre-commissioning of water desalinization plants. ISAKHOURY has gained vast experience in designing, fabricating and installing of various sizes pressure Sand Filters. We gained experience working with high quality materials such as the Super Duplex (2507), by developing the welding procedures necessary to carry out such as welding on high grade materials. ISAKHOURY has also successfully installed machinery, piping, high pressure piping at various site and under rigid conditions. 

ISAKHOURY is recognized for its well-performed implementation of water desalination facilities.

Crystallization & Evaporation

ISAKHOURY have the best fabrication and production methods and techniques available to design and fabricate evaporation systems equipment such as heat exchanger, pressure vessels, supporting structures and process piping. Moreover, ISAKHOURY has extensive experience in fabricating and erecting pressure vessels of various diameters made off carbon and stainless steel materials. In addition, ISAKHOURY has post welded a heat treatment of entire vessel, such as OD 7.0 meters. With       those   experiences    our company successfully completed projects for countries around the world:

  • Bechtel worldwide, Alcan- Jonquiere Quebec Canada, work included, fabrication and delivery of complete evaporation system.
  • Larsen & Toubro Limited – Lack Magadi Project, Kenya, work included, fabrication of evaporation system.
  • Rotem Fertilizers ICL Group, Israel, fabrication of evaporation systems including storage tanks made SS316l.