ISAKHOURY Metal Industry Ltd. is offering the most satisfying Procurement & Construction Management experience implementation using the latest technique and upgraded technologies in the market.

As the result of outgrowing worldwide competitiveness, we continue to advance our research and planning to make our services more comprehensive and articulate. Now, we catering wide range of markets such complete construction & installation of Power Energy, Port & Marines, and all kind of Public Utilities, Semiconductors, Desalination & Water, Chemical & Petrochemicals, and Mining & Materials Handling.

Throughout the years, piece by piece we learn different techniques, methods, and strategy of construction of power & energy plants. By this knowledge, ISAKHOURY considerate to be one of competitive Metal & Mechanical Construction Company not only in Israel but worldwide. Our installation experiences of complex and meticulous heavy equipment supplied by known companies such as Siemens, GE, Alstom, and Daewoo GEA & SPX makes us mastered the power energy industry.

ISAKHOURY serves a remarkable contribution of public utilities construction. We successfully installed “the unsupported steel roof” for Jerusalem Arena-the largest arena in Middle East. The most challenging project we ever had in pure steel structural work.

For Desalination and Water Industry, ISAKHOURY has engaged in the designed and installation of a crystallization system for HPD Products & more. In addition, we have an expertise to install refractories for cement industries and we offer comprehensive service to clients in the Chemical & Petrochemicals.