ISAKHOURY Metal Industry Ltd.  Is providing a wide range of specialized services as part of its strive for excellence and maintaining the highest standards, either as part of our projects or separately. Among others:

  • Post Welding Heat Treatment (PWHT)

ISAKHOURY is maintaining a large PWHT department quipped with state of the are new machines and trained technicians to perform PWHT after welding or heating metal parts and pipes of various composites, maintaining the integrity of the metal.

  • Hardness Tests

As part of the PWHT service and to ensure proper results, IK is performing Hardness Tests to ensure lack of stress within the treated metal.

  • NDT/RT

ISAKHOURY QC certified QC department is performing some of required Non Destructive Tests (NDT) such as Ultrasound and Penetration tests, as well as preparation of WPS (Welding Procedures), and are affiliated with quality organizations in Israel to cover all RT and sophisticated tests and inspections.

  • Hydrostatic Pressure Test

ISAKHOURY is capable of processing the complete package of Hydrostatic Testing services which includes isostatic compactions, proof testing, leak testing, and burst testing. Hydrostatic testing of completed pressure vessels fabricated in accordance with Client specification, after completion of all heat treatment and NDE.

  • Other services

We are also offering API 653, Tanks inspection, alterations and reconstruction. Work is being done by certifies personnel as per API 653 & 650 from the American Petroleum Institute, and the Israeli Ministry of Labor.


Committed to Quality Assurance