ISAKHOURY has more than 3 decades of experience executing projects of complex size, ensuring clients a competitive price, schedule certainty and long-term value. Our company is one of the most wide- ranger contractors in the industry, offering a full scale of engineering, procurement and construction services. Our in-house professionals have more than decades of experience in design-build on projects of complex size and scope here and abroad. 

ISAKHOURY helps to analyze client’s predicament with procurement services in the power & energy, infrastructure for port & marine, public facilities chemical & industrial, mining, and heavy equipment deliveries. Our valued clients benefit from the latest approach, simple yet detailed construction management skills and our proven safety programs. It absolutely ensures a competitive price, schedule certainty and long-term return of investment value.

We practices careful Planning, comprehensive management strategy for successful completion of our projects. In addition, We accomplish projects on a lump-sum contract basis. Our expansive area’s projects adapt a wide variety of commercial formats align to our clients’ specification and requirements.

Our procurement service includes detailed design engineering, planning and expediting construction and construction management; quality control/quality assurance; and pre-bid process.