Over decades, ISAKHOURY sharpened our Power Plant Construction. We established Construction strategy and developed best practices for managing the most complex of projects of all times.  We are noted for our ability to successfully execution of projects on time, here and abroad, in such extreme weather condition even in time of national security issue in the region. We have an encompassing team of engineering, procurement, fabrication and construction facilities, so we can immediately mobilize project team and resources as deemed necessary. And with diversity of culture team in the company, we exactly understand how to work with different values and integrity into one to build one goal. Some of our successful Power Plant Projects includes the 440MW CCPP OPC Rotem located in the middle of the dessert which we invested skilled manpower, specialist personnel and special approach to finish the project in time. The cogenerations 55MW ASE & 110MW RNE power plants under M+W contractors which we finished even under the national security issue of the country. Our team is committed to work 2 shifts including holidays and supplied additional manpower to catch the turn over dates.  For renewable energy, the construction & installation of polycarbonate frame for solar energy plant is such a challenge which stretch our capabilities and go beyond.