ISAKHOURY offers new wide range of services. This includes excavation, backfilling, embankment and grading to bring the Gas Turbines, Steam Turbine and atmospheric Tanks Foundation area to the required levels of Client’s site projects. We design and establish procedure in collaboration with our valued client’s according to their specification and requirement. We are capable of engaging in complete structural works which requirements customize strategies. Most of our experiences in this field are complex and challenging which strengthen our company vision. The complete design & erection of unsupported steel roof of Jerusalem Arena-” the biggest arena in middle east”; overall steel structural frame of metro station in Azerbaijan; the pipe construction bridges of remarkable & historical bridges in the region. ┬áISAKHOURY expertise in modernization, rehabilitation and upgrading industrial & commercial facilities which includes Eilat Port, Bromine factory in dead sea, and many more.

We learn to make our very strategy & technique to deal in different location, climate and circumstances. We have a very dedicated team & personnel that gives quality service, and practices safety measure at all time.