ISO 9001
Quality Management System
ISAKHOURY Metal Industry Ltd. is certified by ISO 9001 for implementing and maintaining High Quality Service Standard thru High Quality Management System.
EN ISO 3834-2
Welding Quality Assurance System
ISAKHOURY Metal Industry Ltd. is certified with Welding system in accordance with the European norms. The company is using a QA System, Technical Equipment, Qualified Personnel and Procedures for joining Processes for Manufacturing & Testing of Welded Products.
ISO 14001
Environmental Management System 
ISAKHOURY Metal Industry Ltd. is implementing environmental management System- a systematic and driven approach to control aspects in the company which is having significant impact in the environment. This is also includes the company management, workers, subcontractors and customer to be aware in environmental obligations, responsibilities and comply with legal and regulatory environmental accountabilities.
OHSAS 18001
Occupational Health and Safety
ISAKHOURY Metal Industry Ltd. is certified by International Occupational Health and Safety management Specification. It minimize risk to employees and management and  improve an existing HSE management system; demonstrate diligence and gain assurance

SII 4295 Pressure Vessels Certification
Standard Institution of Israel Accreditation
ISAKHOURY Metal Industry Ltd. is accredited by SII to Fabricate and erect Pressure Vessel and Storage Tanks in accordance with ASME Standards.
CS Safety Certification
Construction Safety Assessment Program
ISAKHOURY Metal Industry Ltd. is certified by ConstructSecure independent Construction Safety Assessment Program (CS-Safety).We completed the area for the trade Structural Steel and Precast Concrete Contractors. Our Safety Assessment Program shows company’s historic safety performance and has current safety Management systems.
United Nation Accreditation
Level 2
ISAKHOURY Metal Industry Ltd. with UNGM registration no. 237376 and holding level 2 accreditation given by United Nation organization to provide EPC services and products around the world.
IQ Net MembershipISAKHOURY Metal Industry Ltd. is IQ Net member engaging in Planning, Production and Mechanical Assembly, Steel Structures, Piping Port Cranes, Railway, Freight Wagons, Pressure Vessels, Storage Tanks, Heat exchangers, Bridges, Conveyor Systems, Towers, Electric Posts made of Carbon & Stainless.

Business Classification

ISAKHOURY Metal Industry Ltd. is registered and classified in accordance to the registration of contractors for Engineering and Building Works Laws of Israel-1969 in the categories/sub-categories and in the classifications as follows in the pdf file